Universitas Pembangunan Jaya ( has secured a 3-year initiative program supported by the Humboldt Alumni Award which is designed to expand the consortium in urban research initiated during the 3rd Humboldt Kolleg in Indonesia in July 2017. The consortium will serve as a platform to communicate and disseminate ideas and knowledge in the urban context as well as to prepare future ASEAN academics working in the urban research.

As part of the 3-year initiative, we will host an international workshop on September 24 – 26, 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia with the theme “The evolving image of urban society in ASEAN”.  The flyer is shown at the bottom of the page. There are five main topics under that theme: 1)  Urban Development, 2) Urban Growth, 3) Urban Health and Society, 4) Urban Culture, and 5) Urban and the Future. We aim to produce 3 outputs from the workshop: a white paper on the ASEAN Urban network, drafts of joint proposals, and mind maps of research collaborations. The format of the workshop is geared toward active and lively discussions, sharing, and reflections to arrive at ideas, proposed solutions, and joint projects in one or more aforementioned topics.

In order to partcipate in this workshop, interested researchers need to fill in the membership form by following the link below. We urge you to register early because seats are limited to 25 participants.